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A Practical Test for Likomi

The redemption of a Likomi coupon in your business and the automatic recommendation of this Likomi coupon on Facebook by your customers is gold. We can calculate the potential of Likomi by examining the following scenario: Per customer who redeems a Likomi coupon, you can expect to reach an average of 342 Facebook users.

That it’s true and to show you how quickly the initial success with Likomi affects the viral reach of your Facebook page, we can show the first Facebook statistics from one of our pilot customers:


On the left, you can see the rise of Facebook users who have posted on their wall, in which the Facebook page of our pilot customers were linked. On the right, is the correlation to viral reach: After the introduction of Likomi on the 29th of June, the Facebook page of our pilot customer experienced a view (impression) increased up to 10,000 per day, instead of the previous view counts of 200 to 300 times a day.

In other words, a single Likomi-led action for our pilot customer increased the viral reach by 30 to 50 times!

How many potential customers would you like to reach?

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How do you manage Likomi for the first time on Facebook?

Likomi is a real innovation for companies that have not dared to use Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other social media platforms because of the time associated with creating and maintaining a campaign. The easy-to-use combination of Likomi web app and Likomi Dashboard is perfect for such companies. Likomi removes the normal hurdles that companies encounter when trying to build a referral marketing campaign on Facebook. Instead, Likomi offers a giant leap for marketing promotions on the net, by only obtaining personal recommendations among friends and acquaintances that have real value.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networks are another story: Some people go adapt easily to Facebook and interact with their Facebook friends like they are in their own living room, others don’t even know where to start.. Should we use the new social media for marketing campaigns or leave it alone? Is an action on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter suitable to reach my customers? What does a promotion on Facebook entail? These questions can be answered with Likomi.

Likomi uses the infinite network of friends networks on Facebook to get online referrals that are targeted at appropriate audience. The Likomi theory: Most of your customers are a part of and speak regularly to your target audience. Most live and work in your target area, have the right age, have certain interests or hobbies and earn a certain income bracket. What does that have to do with social networks? Your customers will have many friends in their circle of friends, with whom they share similar interests, have similar professions, a similar place of residence, as well as a similar age.

You can target this group with Likomi!

Now when you motivate your customers to post their visit to your shop or café through Likomi on Facebook with a little gift, their friends will also become aware of your business and the gift may be enough to inspire a visit to your shop, which in turn ,will generate more referrals!

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Are there standards for successful referral marketing?

Are there standards for successful referral marketing?

There are no standards for referral marketing. It is important that it works. Everyone understands referral marketing a little differently. Some call it word of mouth, others call it further recommendations and still others see it as random luck among friends.

A few basic things you need to consider anyway:

-Referral marketing does not mean that you should force your customers to put in a good word for you. This trust must be earned: through excellence in your field and service. After all, your customers put their name on each recommendation – whether a forced recommendation campaign or not!
– Referral Marketing is a proactive process. Do you receive independent referrals from your customers? Of course, and it’s great when it happens once in a while, but if you want to use network marketing as a marketing tool, you have to become active. That means actively talking to your customers about whether they would recommend you.
– Customers might not come up with the idea to refer your business on their own. A small gift on the other hand, is sure to delight everyone. A small, extra special piece of chocolate with their cappuccino instead of the standard cookie in aluminum foil, which is available everywhere, can sometimes make all the difference.
– Referral marketing is communication. Greet your customers openly and warmly: A little small talk, a few innocuous questions, the customer will listen and pay attention, and if they feel appreciated, will come back and recommend it to their friends as one of their new favorite shops.

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How do you get customers to recommend you?

Many companies consider recommendations pure luck, while the increase of referrals should be a strong focus of your business. For this to work, you must realize that you can influence referral generation of your customers.

Two important factors you should know: In order to be recommended, you must be great at what you do. That ensures customer confidence in your business and helps facilitate recommendations, after all, he is one that is putting his name on the line for your business! The second important aspect is a pure sympathy bonus: The more sympathetic your company is, the more likely it is to be recommended. People will not recommend your company if the service wasn’t nice and friendly. Telling your employees that the customer is king and treating them like one, will help ensure that not only will the customer come back, but that they also tell their friends about their positive experience.

What if your customers are still not telling their friends about your great service? We are convinced that you and your employees, can help generate referrals in the following ways:
– Ask your customers at the point-of-sale, whether they were happy, and whether they would recommend your business – that will help put the idea in their heads!
– Ask your customer who they would tell about their visit: friends, acquaintances, fellow students, family or colleagues? This question tempts the customer to deal with a possible recommendation and reflect on the visit to your business. The more the customer thinks their visit is important to you, the more likely they will feel the need to tell friends and acquaintances of their experience.
– Just ask: With a smile, you can just ask your customers, “Did you enjoy your visit with us today? Then we would be very happy if you would tell your friends about us!
– Everyone loves to tell stories. Create a fascinating story about your business, one that your customers can share in conversations with their friends and colleagues. Maybe your cafe really has an exciting history or maybe you have, as an owner, a remarkable personal life story about your life before you opened your boutique. Share it, your customers will be happy and maybe even surprised.

We have one recommendation for you: Dare to actively address the topic of recommendations and referrals. Convince your co-workers to actively engage in conversation with your customers! We promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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Likomi with your daily work: coffee coupons for Likomi test customers

What impact Likomi has on our everyday work, is characterized more and more from the office. For Likomi to run correctly, it has to be tested. Both the app and the Merchant Dashboard have to undergo many test runs. Coffee is currently the drug of choice of every single employee at Axonic and our Likomi test customers.

Those that want a coffee in the office, first need a coffee capsule. To get a capsule, employees open the Likomi test URL with their smartphone and log in to Facebook at the office. This creates a coupon for an office coffee capsule, which can then be redeemed with “The Keeper of the Capsules” Aka. the boss. So it happens, that the employees of Axonic are slowly but surely becoming a committed coffee drinker community on Facebook, who publish periodic status updates about their coffee consumption at Axonic Headquarters.

This is practical and above all a “lean” way of testing Likomi. We are a mixed bunch of many different types of people. Each one of us has different ideas of how something should work. Each of us has a different routine when we navigate our smartphones. Again and again, causing one of us to produce a “mistake” that would sooner or later, happen with a real Likomi customer. Because so many tests are being done, we can resolve many of the errors in the use of Likomi app or in the Likomi Dashboard before we release Likomi.

Next, we’ll be publishing the first experiences and impressions from our first real customers.

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