Referral Marketing

More sales through referral marketing - because recommendations are golden. Turn your customers into marketers.

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    92% trust the recommendations of friends


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    Word of mouth marketing is more effective than advertising


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    Traditional advertising is subject to the saturation effect


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    Further recommendations take place online


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    The reach of social networks (Facebook) is unbeatable


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    Referral marketing gives you access to new customers outside of traditional advertising channels


Referral Marketing + Facebook = Likomi

With efficient referral marketing you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by social networks. Gain new customers with referral marketing!

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    In Germany, every third person is on Facebook. Likomi offers you a large user range.

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    The average Facebook user has 342 friends. With smart referral marketing you reach these friends.

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    70% of the friends of your customers come from the vicinity of your business – your ideal target area for every referral marketing campaign.

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    Birds of a feather flock together – friends of customers have similar profiles.

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