Likomi – Your success package for social media marketing

  • Start your own social media marketing campaign
  • Acquire the friends of your customers with social media marketing
  • No additional expenses for you and your team
  • Create your first social media marketing promotion with a few clicks
  • Choose the best incentive for your customers within the scope of a social media marketing campaign
  • Likomi checks for valid customers
  • Analysis and reporting of social media marketing success
  • Delivery of all display stands or flyers in the starter package
  • Set up of your first promotion by our team
  • Full cost control to fit your social media marketing budget
  • Limitation of incentives or fundraising goals
  • Tax or proof of booking for your social media marketing expenses

Likomi - four ways to reach your customers

For each business Likomi offers the right social media marketing campaign. You can choose between four types of campaigns - suitable for your target customer group.

  • Instant Gifts

    Instant Gifts

    The customer will receive their coupon directly to their smartphone and can redeem it immediately, on-site.

  • Coupon


    The customer will receive their coupon by email and can redeemed it on their next visit or in an online store.

  • Donation


    Rather than give a present directly to the customer, you can search for a charitable organization to donate to for every recommendation.

  • Contests


    Create a raffle on Likomi! Choose a winner from all customers who have recommended you, an attractive prize.