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General Questions

Likomi allows you to use Facebook specifically for your word-of-mouth advertising. By offering an incentive through your company, you can motivate your customers to share their visit to your business or your webshop or to share their experience with their Facebook friends. For this word of mouth advertising, the customer will be rewarded with a coupon or something for free. The nature and value of your incentives are up to you.
Because you do not just multiply your reach with Likomi, but to use the most effective type of marketing in the world: word-of-mouth. In a world in which there are a thousand barbers, a thousand stores, tons of webshops and coffee shops on every corner, everyone is happy to get a hint about which one is the best. This is especially important when the recommendations come from close friends and acquaintances. Facebook is the means to an end, because everyone on Facebook is networked with each. Likomi makes word of mouth marketing, targeting and monitoring, available to your business.
Registration and dashboard set up is handled by us. You just need to create your promotion and tell your employees about it, that’s it!
Nothing, you only need to make our Likomi-stand visible within your sales areas.
No, your customer relationship is enhanced by Likomi. With Likomi your customer relationships are taken to a whole new level.
Your target audience for these promotions include smartphone and Facebook enthusiastic, 13-60 year olds who like to use online social networks. It’s also very likely that they are the influencers / trendsetters / leaders of their social circle of friends. Therefore, their recommendations carry a higher degree of importance.
That’s up to you: You know your customers best and know which incentives would make your customers the happiest. The better you satisfy the tastes of your customers, the more they are willing to participate in Likomi.
Personally, you can decide what you think about Facebook, but you shouldn’t ignore the fact that a large part of the population use it daily to search for friends, products, in order to talk with friends about products and companies. It is a highly effective way to get people talking – maybe the next time your business will be the topic of conversation.
Likomi has very different kinds of companies and promoters, which offer very different promotions – from local retailers and restaurateurs to national providers with many branches. Likomi is continuously adding more providers.

Requirements and Costs

Yes, you’ll need to make your business accessible on Facebook.
Facebook explains how to setup a page here.
Likomi is very easy. Your employees need to be informed about the cooperation and also be advised how to respond in the case of a coupon redemption. Your employees need to confirm each voucher on the smartphone and be prepared to explain redemption rules of the promotion, (for example, when the redemption rate hits the daily limit). Learning a new software is not required!
Compared to traditional marketing activities such as advertising? No! For more information please send us an email at:
The setup of Likomi is a a one-time fee, which is dependent on the extent to which you want to use Likomi. A distinction is made here between three different packages:
1. The small package includes the setup in the Likomi system + 10 stands with inlays or 500 flyers
2. The medium packet includes the setup in the Likomi system + 20 stands with inlays or 1000 Flyers
3. The large package includes the setup in the Likomi system + 30 stands with inlays or 1500 Flyers
Custom packages are also possible, if you need a custom package, please contact us at:


The number of gifts that you want to give away are controlled in your Likomi dashboard. You can set the limit for all of your promotions there.
That’s why we developed Likomi IQ and equipped Likomi with an intelligent recognition algorithm. Too many or deleted posts will be tagged by Likomi. You can also link the redemption of a coupon to various conditions, for example, to a purchase.
We have developed Likomi IQ and therefore equipped Likomi with an intelligent recognition algorithm. Too many posts or too many deleted posts will be recognized by Likomi. You can also link the redemption of a voucher to various conditions, for example, the purchase itself.
We have built Likomi IQ and equipped Likomi with an intelligent recognition algorithm. Likomi will recognize when too many posts are being deleted or posted.

Technical Questions

You add the snippet code into the source code of your website. For example, in the footer or header of your website.
Check whether the entered domain in the snippet settings is correct in your Likomi admin area. If it is, you can change the position of the code within the file that you added the code to.
In a multilingual website, you must install the snippet code for each language separately. Please ensure that you set the course for each individual language.
Yes, you can change the position, text color, background color and the text appearing on the snippet in your Likomi admin area. Edit Promotion>at the very bottom, you can edit and access the settings of your snippet.
No, it is not possible to install the snippet on other pages. The snippet will only appear on the website, whose domain is stored in the settings of the snippet. When you create the Web Promotion (Snippet) the domain in which the snippet is to be displayed is already specified.
No, unfortunately you will need to create a promotion for each site in order to install a snippet.
Once you have logged into your admin area, click “edit” next to the desired promotion. You’ll see the promotion form. Scroll all the way down and click on “Edit Snippet”. You’ll be taken to the settings of the snippet. In the last line of the settings, see the button “View Snippet Code”. Click on the button, so the English and the German snippet codes are displayed.
  • div (likomi) is the container over which the Likomi promotion will be added when you click the snippet as a popup.

    <div id=”likomi">
    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    //likomi configuration’

  • The subdomain is specified when creating the promotion and serves as a unique identifier for a promotion. This determines which promotion is displayed in the popup.

    varlikomi_subdomain = “test1005”;

  • The language of the snippet, and the promotion is set here. Currently, only German and English are available.

    varlikomi_lang = “en”;
    //do not change after this line
    //shake css

  • In the following section, the stylesheets and design are imported, as well as, the behavior of the snippet when loaded.

    var c = document.createElement(“link”);
    c.type = “text/css”;
    c.href = “//” + likomi_subdomain + “”; = “screen”;
    c.rel = “stylesheet”;

  • Add the style sheet to the website.

    (document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0] || document.getElementsByTagName(“body”)[0]).appendChild(c);

  • The following lines of Javascript create the rendering of the snippet, and the pop-ups.

    var e = document.createElement(“script”);
    e.type = “text/javascript”;
    e.async = true;
    e.src = “// ” + likomi_subdomain + “” + likomi_lang;

  • Should the hard code interfere with the snippet, the variables identified with likomi_title will be selected from the admin area, instead of the text.

    if ( typeof likomi_title != “undefined”) {
    e.src += “&title=” + likomi_title;

  • Adds theJavascript to the website.

    (document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0] || document.getElementsByTagName(“body”)[0]).appendChild(e);

  • The Likomi Snippet can be installed on your website in less than 5 minutes. Just follow our How-To- Guide
    No, by including the code on your website, no information is collected or observed relating to your visitors or the like. Only the display and loading of the snippet is included in the statistics, to show you a conversion evaluation in your admin area. Also, when a user uses Likomi, it is noted. Likomi uses anonymous web analytical data, such as browsers, language settings, operating system, etc. and also at which point a user cancels a Likomi operation. For further details, please refer to our User Policies.
    Since Likomi is not installed as a feature in your web page, but only “on it”, the only change should be that you get more Likes on Facebook. The operation of your website remains the same for your visitors.
    Yes, you can install the snippet on ePages. You do this through design> Custom Styles>in style used, select page elements from the right side, Edit> there you select a text (HTML) Element>copy the snippet code into the appropriate boxes> Save right side elements.
    Yes, you can install the snippet on JTL shops. Add the snippet code without the <script> and </script> tags to an independent Javascript file, and include it in his website as he includes any other Javascript file.
    You have probably registered a read-only profile to access to the files. Ask your webmaster to change your administration rights. If the files cannot be changed with administration rights, it is only possible to incorporate the snippet code via the root access, directly to the server.
    You must have write permissions for your website, optimally an admin access.

    Tips & Tricks for even more success with Likomi

    Select an incentive, if possible, that every visitor to your site would like to have. It should provide some value that justifies a Like. Your visitors want to be rewarded.
    Use a text that contains all the important information, but not too long. For example:
    “Like us and secure your 10% on your shopping cart” and not “10% on your purchase”
    The title of your promotion should be short and clear. The description field is not compulsory and should not include too much or unnecessary information. This can seem daunting.
    Show your colors. A snippet that is adapted to the Website, doesn’t only send a stronger message, but help the visitor identify with it.
    The position of the snippet is important, let it show where space is and it can’t hide.

    Likomi FAQ
    For Customers

    General Questions

    Through Likomi, participating businesses and webshops offer promotions in which you can participate and you can, for a Facebook check-in or post receive a coupon or reward. These rewards can be, for example, a discount on the bill, which you can redeem directly at checkout or small gifts from the store, in which you redeem in-store (i.e. a free espresso). The type of reward offered is determined by the participating company.
    There are two ways that you can participate in a promotion. Either you see a stand or poster in the store with the promotion, or you receive a flyer in your shopping bag or on the receipt of the store with the promotion details. Through your in-store check-in on Facebook or by posting on your wall (through the QR-Code or web address), you will automatically receive a promotion gift.
    The promotion terms and conditions provide the rules for redemption. You can find these on the webpage of the Promotion (accessible via QR code or web address) or, if you receive a coupon code in an email, you will also receive details on how to claim the offer.
    Promotions are offered by each individual company, not Likomi, and may be available only in limited quantities. To find out if your favorite store offers a Likomi promotion, look for a promotional stand or to just ask the staff. Some companies also show their Likomi promotions on their website or Facebook page.
    There are three types of promotions:
    • Local Promotion: A local promotion is handled directly at a business or restaurant. You check-in on Facebook in the respective company (via the QR code or the web address on the flyer / poster) and you receive your coupon, which can be immediately redeemed with the staff.
    • Local Promotion Plus: For your post on Facebook (via the QR code or the web address on the flyer), a coupon code will be sent to your given email address, which you can redeem with your next purchase or visit. Flyer promotions can be found either within the business, in the form of table tent or at the POS or in your shopping bag, package or on your receipt.
    • Donation Campaign: When you participate in a donation campaign, by Facebook check-in or post, you’ll receive a “Warm Thank You” and the company will donate the sum indicated on the flyer to the charity it specified.
    To redeem your reward, you must do the following:
    1. Scan the QR code with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC (except for local promotions) or visit the company web address in your browser.
    2. Write a post to your friends on Facebook or check-in at the company.
    3. Redeem reward!
    Simply contact our support team at: We try to reply to all support questions within 24 hours.
    We’ll never post anything without your permission or give your data to third parties. For more information on the topic, please see our Privacy Policy.
    To access promotions, you need an Internet connection. Without this, unfortunately you can’t open the offer. However, you still have the ability of participating in non-local promotions from home.

    GIVE US A CALL: 415-230-0565CONTACT