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1. Define Facebook page
Find the correct Facebook page that you want to show, and choose a page manager. If you do not have a Facebook page, we can help you – contact us!!
2. Select desired promotion
Select your desired Likomi promotion and thus how you want to increase your Facebook reach. Want more Likes? A greater viral reach in Facebook? No problem …
3. Find customer reward
Think about the right incentive or gift for your customers. Reward your customers for recommending and for increasing your social reach or use Likomi for a charity.
4. Request display stands
The Likomi starter package contains everything you’ll need for your first promotion and for more social reach.
5. Set up display stands
Increase your viral reach and draw attention to the Likomi promotion, so that you can get as many customers as possible to recommend you.


That's what our customers say

  • likomi_testimonialsWith Likomi we were able to realize a 10% increase in sales after 6 weeks! Our customers enjoy recommending us on Likomi. We can honestly say that Likomi has been very successful for our diner.

    Werner Eberhardt, owner of American Diner in Bruchsal, Germany
  • likomi_testimonialsSince we started using Likomi, 3 times as many people are speaking about us on Facebook.

    Lothar Beck, restaurant manager Brasserie & Cocktail Bar Watts, Ettlingen, Germany
  • likomi_testimonialsWe use Likomi to reach potential customers outside of our restaurant. Thanks to Likomi, the number of people talking about us on Facebook has increased by more than 300%!

    Udo Deris, Restaurant & Pub Stövchen, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • likomi_testimonialsAs a dance school, we have more or less regular customers. Never the less we doubled our viral reach on Facebook - With no effort from us!

    Doro Kitowski, owner Doro’s Dance Stage, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • likomi_testimonialsAfter only 6 weeks we saw an increase of 10% in our Operating Profit. It’s easy to see that it was a direct result of our Likomi Promotion.

    Werner Eberhardt, owner of Eberhardt Convenience Stores in Bruchsal, Germany
  • likomi_testimonialsWe share our daily menu with our guests on Facebook. To help expand our reach, we started using Likomi. Likomi’s promotion increased our viral reach on Facebook by a factor of ten – Unbelievable!

    Paul Baral, owner of brasserie café daily, Ettlingen, Germany
  • likomi_testimonialsNowadays, there are many fitness studios in every city. Recommendations from our members become more and more important. With that in mind, we chose to use Likomi. Likomi doubled our Facbook impressions in a very short period of time.

    Tanja Hammer, owner Dr. Bientzle health club, Grötzingen, Germany
  • likomi_testimonialsSince we started using Likomi to increase our referral marketing, we’ve seen a 150% increase of Facebook posts on our company Facebook page and our viral reach increased exponentially!

    Heiko Brath, owner of Butcher and Caterer Brath, Karlsruhe, Germany