Getting Started:

Instructions: How do I install the Likomi snippet on my page?

This is not rocket science: We’ll send you the source code of your Likomi Snippets by email. Your web administrator only has to copy and paste a JavaScript tag to add it to your website. No extra coding required!

To embed the Likomi snippet source code on your website:

We’ve made adding Likomi to your website very simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Copy the snippet code

Step 2:

Open your Web page in a web editor

Step 3:

Paste the snippet of code somewhere in the HTML source of your footer or header. We recommend inserting the code at the very end of the HTML source code, but before the </body> tag

Step 4:

Save the modified web page

Step 5:

Load the Web page to your webserver

Step 6:

That’s it! Now check to see if the Likomi snippet appears on your website!

Check whether the entered domain in the snippet settings is correct in your Likomi admin area. If it is, you can change the position of the code within the file that you added the code to.
Yes, you can change the position, text color, background color and the text appearing on the snippet in your Likomi admin area. Edit Promotion>at the very bottom, you can edit and access the settings of your snippet.
In a multilingual website, you must install the snippet code for each language separately. Please ensure that you set the course for each individual language.
No, unfortunately you will need to create a promotion for each site in order to install a snippet (multiple domains for a promo).

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