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99 ct per like

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75 ct per like

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49 ct per like

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  • Full cost control: Likes costs to fit every budget
  • No Likes – No costs: Only pay for likes when you are successful success
  • Only likes generated through Likomi will be charged
  • No fake fans or fan-farms
  • Convert web visitors into real fans
  • Immediately attract new customers through coupons / discounts

You can change the maximum budget limit at any time. If the budget limit is reached, Likomi is automatically disabled. Website visitors refer their friends in the form of Likes, posts or check-ins on Facebook. You always have the freedom to choose which recommendation tool you want to use. Likes can only be generated if the Likomi snippet code has been properly integrated into your website. Your Likomi snippet code should be included on your website until you have reached the desired number of Likes. Every month / quarter, we provide you with the number likes reached on your bill. Costs for the customer reward (eg, coupons, discounts, gifts or donations) should also be taken into consideration. If the booking is not canceled in writing, at least one month before the end of the contract, it will be automatically renewed for the booked duration. Please also note our terms and conditions.


Your website visitors become your sellers
Likomi only motivates real customers or website visitors to recommend your webshop. Likomi doesn’t allow fake Facebook fans or Fan farms. Only real customers for real businesses.

Don’t lose another customer
Likomi increases the drive to an initial purchase or can help generate repeat business – using rewards aquire new customers.

Pleasant Design
Likomi is seamlessly tailored and integrated as an overlay on your website. That way, we can ensure high usability without confusing your customers.

You determine your maximum budget
We work purely based on client success and only count a genuine Like / Post / Check-in.

Full Service, In-House
Our account managers, graphic designers and our technology team are always available. In addition, you have around the clock access to the Likomi Dashboard.

Compatible with all web shops and shopping carts
It does not matter if you created your own site, developed it with WordPress, Magento or another system. Likomi is compatible with any system.

Easy Installation
Your web administrator only needs to place a short piece of source code on your website. The source code is automatically generated by the setup. The entire setup takes less than 5 minutes.

A / B Split Tests
We can help you to find the right sales approach, allowing you to test different Likomi campaigns at the same time. Testing, different texts, templates, content and colors against each other, leading to improved and successful campaigns.