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Are there standards for successful referral marketing?

Are there standards for successful referral marketing?

There are no standards for referral marketing. It is important that it works. Everyone understands referral marketing a little differently. Some call it word of mouth, others call it further recommendations and still others see it as random luck among friends.

A few basic things you need to consider anyway:

-Referral marketing does not mean that you should force your customers to put in a good word for you. This trust must be earned: through excellence in your field and service. After all, your customers put their name on each recommendation – whether a forced recommendation campaign or not!
– Referral Marketing is a proactive process. Do you receive independent referrals from your customers? Of course, and it’s great when it happens once in a while, but if you want to use network marketing as a marketing tool, you have to become active. That means actively talking to your customers about whether they would recommend you.
– Customers might not come up with the idea to refer your business on their own. A small gift on the other hand, is sure to delight everyone. A small, extra special piece of chocolate with their cappuccino instead of the standard cookie in aluminum foil, which is available everywhere, can sometimes make all the difference.
– Referral marketing is communication. Greet your customers openly and warmly: A little small talk, a few innocuous questions, the customer will listen and pay attention, and if they feel appreciated, will come back and recommend it to their friends as one of their new favorite shops.


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