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A Practical Test for Likomi

The redemption of a Likomi coupon in your business and the automatic recommendation of this Likomi coupon on Facebook by your customers is gold. We can calculate the potential of Likomi by examining the following scenario: Per customer who redeems a Likomi coupon, you can expect to reach an average of 342 Facebook users.

That it’s true and to show you how quickly the initial success with Likomi affects the viral reach of your Facebook page, we can show the first Facebook statistics from one of our pilot customers:


On the left, you can see the rise of Facebook users who have posted on their wall, in which the Facebook page of our pilot customers were linked. On the right, is the correlation to viral reach: After the introduction of Likomi on the 29th of June, the Facebook page of our pilot customer experienced a view (impression) increased up to 10,000 per day, instead of the previous view counts of 200 to 300 times a day.

In other words, a single Likomi-led action for our pilot customer increased the viral reach by 30 to 50 times!

How many potential customers would you like to reach?


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