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Likomi with your daily work: coffee coupons for Likomi test customers

What impact Likomi has on our everyday work, is characterized more and more from the office. For Likomi to run correctly, it has to be tested. Both the app and the Merchant Dashboard have to undergo many test runs. Coffee is currently the drug of choice of every single employee at Axonic and our Likomi test customers.

Those that want a coffee in the office, first need a coffee capsule. To get a capsule, employees open the Likomi test URL with their smartphone and log in to Facebook at the office. This creates a coupon for an office coffee capsule, which can then be redeemed with “The Keeper of the Capsules” Aka. the boss. So it happens, that the employees of Axonic are slowly but surely becoming a committed coffee drinker community on Facebook, who publish periodic status updates about their coffee consumption at Axonic Headquarters.

This is practical and above all a “lean” way of testing Likomi. We are a mixed bunch of many different types of people. Each one of us has different ideas of how something should work. Each of us has a different routine when we navigate our smartphones. Again and again, causing one of us to produce a “mistake” that would sooner or later, happen with a real Likomi customer. Because so many tests are being done, we can resolve many of the errors in the use of Likomi app or in the Likomi Dashboard before we release Likomi.

Next, we’ll be publishing the first experiences and impressions from our first real customers.


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