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How do you get customers to recommend you?

Many companies consider recommendations pure luck, while the increase of referrals should be a strong focus of your business. For this to work, you must realize that you can influence referral generation of your customers.

Two important factors you should know: In order to be recommended, you must be great at what you do. That ensures customer confidence in your business and helps facilitate recommendations, after all, he is one that is putting his name on the line for your business! The second important aspect is a pure sympathy bonus: The more sympathetic your company is, the more likely it is to be recommended. People will not recommend your company if the service wasn’t nice and friendly. Telling your employees that the customer is king and treating them like one, will help ensure that not only will the customer come back, but that they also tell their friends about their positive experience.

What if your customers are still not telling their friends about your great service? We are convinced that you and your employees, can help generate referrals in the following ways:
– Ask your customers at the point-of-sale, whether they were happy, and whether they would recommend your business – that will help put the idea in their heads!
– Ask your customer who they would tell about their visit: friends, acquaintances, fellow students, family or colleagues? This question tempts the customer to deal with a possible recommendation and reflect on the visit to your business. The more the customer thinks their visit is important to you, the more likely they will feel the need to tell friends and acquaintances of their experience.
– Just ask: With a smile, you can just ask your customers, “Did you enjoy your visit with us today? Then we would be very happy if you would tell your friends about us!
– Everyone loves to tell stories. Create a fascinating story about your business, one that your customers can share in conversations with their friends and colleagues. Maybe your cafe really has an exciting history or maybe you have, as an owner, a remarkable personal life story about your life before you opened your boutique. Share it, your customers will be happy and maybe even surprised.

We have one recommendation for you: Dare to actively address the topic of recommendations and referrals. Convince your co-workers to actively engage in conversation with your customers! We promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!


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