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How do you manage Likomi for the first time on Facebook?

Likomi is a real innovation for companies that have not dared to use Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other social media platforms because of the time associated with creating and maintaining a campaign. The easy-to-use combination of Likomi web app and Likomi Dashboard is perfect for such companies. Likomi removes the normal hurdles that companies encounter when trying to build a referral marketing campaign on Facebook. Instead, Likomi offers a giant leap for marketing promotions on the net, by only obtaining personal recommendations among friends and acquaintances that have real value.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networks are another story: Some people go adapt easily to Facebook and interact with their Facebook friends like they are in their own living room, others don’t even know where to start.. Should we use the new social media for marketing campaigns or leave it alone? Is an action on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter suitable to reach my customers? What does a promotion on Facebook entail? These questions can be answered with Likomi.

Likomi uses the infinite network of friends networks on Facebook to get online referrals that are targeted at appropriate audience. The Likomi theory: Most of your customers are a part of and speak regularly to your target audience. Most live and work in your target area, have the right age, have certain interests or hobbies and earn a certain income bracket. What does that have to do with social networks? Your customers will have many friends in their circle of friends, with whom they share similar interests, have similar professions, a similar place of residence, as well as a similar age.

You can target this group with Likomi!

Now when you motivate your customers to post their visit to your shop or café through Likomi on Facebook with a little gift, their friends will also become aware of your business and the gift may be enough to inspire a visit to your shop, which in turn ,will generate more referrals!


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